Looking for a warehouse for sale? Pay attention to these key factors.

a big warehouse for sale

Finding industrial space is about more than just finding the right warehouse for sale. It’s about finding space that will suit your needs. Unlike office and retail space, industrial space has a number of unique factors to consider.

7 Key Factors for Finding the Right Warehouse for Sale

Floor Capacity

The amount of space on your floor isn’t the same as the amount of weight you can load onto it. You might have high ceilings and plan on stacking multiple levels of pallets, but you need to make sure the floor can handle that weight. Consider how heavy your product is in comparison to the square footage it occupies. A pallet of books will concentrate more weight than a pallet of bubble wrap.

Renting Out Your Warehouse

If you find a warehouse space that suits your company,but is too large for your current needs, consider renting out a portion of the space. This way, you have the ability to expand in the future while offsetting costs in the present.

Freight Elevators

If the warehouse you’re considering is multi-level, you will need to be able to move product between floors. Freight elevators need to not only be large enough to accommodate your product, but also accommodate the weight. Also consider the height and width of the opening and whether or not the majority of your product will fit through the door.

Loading Docks

How many loading docks does the warehouse have? Depending on the size of your business, you may need the ability to load and off-load multiple trucks at once. You should also consider the height of the loading dock to determine if a full-size truck will be able to off-load directly into the bay.


Is your product sensitive to temperature? If you plan on storing something like food or electronics, you will need a warehouse that is climate controlled. This will keep the ambient air and humidity at an appropriate level to protect your product.


Where is the warehouse located in relation to major highways, rail yards, or shipping ports? If you are in the middle of a city, how difficult will it be for a truck to get to your dock? The closer you are to major transportation networks, the cheaper it will be to transport your product.


If you’re operating heavy equipment like lathes and mills, you will need to determine the cost associated with hiring an electrician to correctly wire the warehouse to suit your needs. You will also need consider your other basic utility needs, like water and phone lines. If the warehouse is not already equipped with all the services you need to operate, the initial costs will start to grow quickly.

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