Finding the Right Office Space for Lease

office space for lease

Finding an office space for lease is one of the biggest investments you will make in your business. There are several options you should consider and finding the right space is essential to the long-term success and health of your business.

Room to Grow

The most important factor you should consider when leasing an office space is if it has room to accomodate your company as it expands. This is an especially important consideration for a start-up, because you are in the very beginning stages of building your company. Established companies should also consider this factor, although to a lesser extent. Working in a cramped space isn’t great for your employees’ morale and it is an easy thing to avoid with a little planning.

Convenience for Clients

Not only do you want your clients to be able to easily access your office, a convenient office is also likely to be more visible to the public. This helps build brand recognition, and it’s as simple as choosing a great location for your business. Convenience is especially important for certain industries like food service and banks, because people don’t want to go too far out of their way for something they use often.

Consider your staff

To run a successful business, you need to keep good employees, and they want to work in a location that is easy to get to from where they live. Are you looking at an office that has a reasonable commute for your employees? Consider how close you are to bus or metro routes and how easy it is to get to the office by car. Is there adequate parking? All of these factor into how your employees feel as they walk into work. If you choose a location that is really inconvenient for them, it may be a factor for them to begin looking for another job.

Property Management

Your property manager will be your main point of contact for your space. Are they easy to work with? How well do they maintain the building or shopping center that your office is located in?

How close it to basic amenities like food and gas? Ask other tenants about their experience with the property manager.

How does the office space for lease represent your business?

Consider whether or not the office space accurately represents your business. You might find an office space for lease that is affordable and convenient, and you might be able to upgrade the interior as much as you want, but the stores and area around the space are poorly maintained or just in an overall bad location, that will reflect on your business. Consider your clientele and how they would see your business in your prospective location. Does it project the aura that you’re successful? Maybe you’re looking at a location with the opposite problem: it’s too upscale. That might tell your clients that they can’t afford you. No matter the location, remember that it will tell your clients something. Make sure that it says something that lines up with your company values and brand image.

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